Digital X-Rays in Beamsville

Beamsville Dental is proud to announce that we use efficient, modern x-ray technology to provide our patients with the best possible oral care that we can. At our dental office in Beamsville, we use digital radiography for fast results and minimal radiation exposure in the interest of our patients' dental and overall health. Digital radiography is advantageous for accurate diagnoses and allows us to examine your condition closely and carefully during your appointment.

Digital radiography presents various advantages over traditional dental x-rays:

  • Speed and efficiency: x-rays are available on the spot and there's no wait time for image development.
  • Exposes patients to up to 90% less radiation.
  • Images can be enhanced in various ways to improve assessment/diagnosis accuracy.
  • Digital images can be stored for future use.

If you have any questions about how digital x-rays are taken or have any concerns about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our family dental office so you can see our modern dental technology for yourself!